Metro East

Warwick, RI

This development is located on Metro Center Boulevard, along the airport connector, and is one of the most visible locations in the state - making this a prime location for office space. There are two buildings proposed for the site - one with 75,000 sf of floor area and the second with 50,000 sf of floor area.  The developer of the site is Michael Integlia & Company.

What makes this site stand out it the utilization of a non-traditional approach to stormwater management. The project utilized porous asphalt for the majority of asphalt areas on the site. This is one of the first large scale commercial applications of a porous asphalt in Rhode Island. Stormwater is managed on the site for over 6 acres of parking area and 2.8 acres of impervious roofs without the use of large runoff detention ponds!

The successful use of porous asphalt is well documented in many areas of the country and will become more popular in New England considering the high land prices and limited undeveloped land of high quality. Although porous asphalt is not appropriate for all sites, this site is very well suited to take advantage of the benefits of the material. The soils on this site have relatively high infiltration rates (1.3-15.5 in/hr). There is also a typical depth to groundwater of 6’-8’ on the site. Most of the proposed development will be placed in fill providing even greater depths to groundwater.