Bluesphere breaks ground on 3.2 MW biogas plant in Rhode Island

By Katie Fletcher | June 03, 2015


In May, rebar installation was completed on one of the digesters for the Charlotte biogas project, as well as the base and first rings casted. The first half of the digester foundation was also poured.

On May 28, Bluesphere Corp. held a groundbreaking ceremony for its 3.2-MW waste-to-energy (WTE) project in Johnston, Rhode Island. Once operational, the facility will sell the electricity it generates from food waste to the national grid.

This project marks Bluesphere’s second project underway in the U.S. In March, the company announced its 5.2-MW WTE facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, broke ground. “We worked very hard on these two projects to make them happen—three years now,” said Shlomi Palas, Bluesphere CEO. “We closed the first one in Charlotte, but with the closing of this second one we were able to send a message to the market and industry that we mean to stay here and we mean to develop more projects. Our pipeline is full of projects that we are developing in the states now.” Read More