A Change in Rules and Regulations: What to Expect

indexThere has recently been a change in the rules and regulations for Professional Land Surveying in Rhode Island under the Board of Registration.

Clients whose projects are currently underway will be exempt from these changes until June, however, any projects contracted in 2016 will need to follow these rules/standards.

“Other than different certification language, there will be very little obvious effect from these changes,” said Bob Babcock, Land Surveying Department Manager at DiPrete Engineering. “The most important change for property owners is the ability for surveying professionals to provide different options for survey types, potentially providing increased efficiency and reducing costs.”

These new regulations provide additional protections to the public by requiring specific certifications and minimum accuracy specifications for various survey types. They also allow for the creation of different types of surveys and reduce their overall cost.

“The new regulations are more descriptive in the standards that must be met and the penalties placed on professionals who do not comply,” added Bob.  “This will provide the public with built in protections when contracting with a Professional Registered Land Surveyor.”

Rhode Island’s Board of Registration has made it a priority to stay up to date and inform Professional Land Surveryors on recent regulation changes.  To learn more about these new rules, click here.