DiPrete Celebrates Women in Construction

By March 28, 2019 April 1st, 2021 Engineering News

DiPrete Women in Construction

DiPrete Engineering would like to recognize all of its female employees whose hard work and dedication has helped make the firm as successful as it is today.

“Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of the firm’s largest institutional and commercial projects,” said Nicole Reilly, Vice President at DiPrete Engineering. “I really enjoy working one-on-one with clients and teammates to overcome obstacles and provide the best possible results.”

“This September will be my fourteen-year anniversary working at DiPrete Engineering,” said Jennifer Sweet, Billing and Accounts Payable Supervisor. “I have had many proud moments over the years, but the most memorable ones are when I have improved a process or helped an employee or client with a question that was difficult to answer at first glance.”

“My background is in architecture, so when I got out of school I wasn’t thinking I was going to be a site designer or involved in proposal work,” said Jennifer Colson, Site Designer/Proposal Coordinator. “When I started working at DiPrete I realized that architecture was only one facet of the entire design process… I now love being a part of the conceptual stages of the site design process such as the city/town or state regulatory research for a potential project.”

“I joined DiPrete in June of 2016, after attending Principal Chris Duhamel’s Capstone course at the University of Rhode Island,” said Marianne Diffin, Civil Engineer at DiPrete Engineering. “Now I’m working as a Civil Engineer for DiPrete with the occasional field day doing soil evaluations.”

DiPrete Engineering honors all of its Women in Construction:

Alex Avery, Landscape Architect

Dana Nisbet, Project Engineer

Jean DeFusco, Accounting Clerk

Jennifer Colson, Site Designer/Proposal Coordinator

Jennifer Sweet, Billing and Accounts Payable Supervisor

Kait Barnett, Marketing Coordinator

Karen King, Managing Director of Administration

Katie DiPrete, Civil Engineer

Lisa Baccari, Receptionist

Liz Mak, Receptionist

Marianne Diffin, Civil Engineer

Molly Titus, Project Manager

Nicole Reilly, Vice President

Pamela Aybar, Civil Engineer

Sheelagh Brady, Credit and Collections Manager

Sheryl Guglielmo, Project Manager