DiPrete Engineering Welcomes its Newest (and Smallest) Family Members

By February 15, 2022 Engineering News

Amidst the pandemic, the DiPrete Engineering family continues to grow, and could not be happier to add these little folks to the crew! Over the past two years, DiPrete Engineering has welcomed a total of nine babies to its ever-growing family.

Congratulations to all our team members on their sweet little ones:

Charlee Guglielmo born 2/12/2020
Connor Duhamel born 3/24/2020
Roy Nisbet born 6/9/2020
Emma Collado born 6/22/2020
Wes Hollis born 3/6/2021
Cooper Shea born 3/30/2021
Charlotte Alves born 5/30/2021
Theo Barnett born 6/4/2021
Logan Aybar born 10/7/2021

We are so happy for all of you and can’t wait to meet the newest members of our growing family!

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