Employee Spotlight: Jakob Cruikshank

By August 26, 2015 Engineering News

Jakob-2Formerly of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., now a Rhode Islander, DiPrete welcomes new civil engineer Jakob Cruikshank.  A  University of Rhode Island graduate who completed an internship at The Chazen Cos. in Troy, N.Y., Cruikshank has been part of the team since July 20, working with Eric Prive.

“I’m learning more about the industry every day… the pieces are coming together and making more sense,” said Jakob.

He’s been getting his share of CAD work in and has had the opportunity to sit down with other team members to learn from their experiences.

“My colleagues have been really helpful with explaining the process of design work,” he added.  “It’s fascinating how all of a project’s separate elements come together.  I enjoy seeing the whole process, start to finish.”