Ferguson Perforating Creates Manufacturing Jobs

By February 28, 2017 Engineering News


Ferguson Perforating Co recently completed an expansion of its Providence facility adding 18,890 sf to the existing manufacturing building. The project created additional manufacturing space for new business in addition to providing parking expansion to accommodate existing and additional employees.

“Our new space will provide Ferguson Perforating with manufacturing productivity gains by eliminating waste and improving production flow while creating both incubator and production space for new business development opportunities,” said Bob Colombi, Vice President of Sales & Business Development at Ferguson Perforating.

The renovations streamline delivery and shipping as the building now accommodates large trucks with its standard overhead door access allowing them to drive through the building for faster and easier loading. The drive through access is the most unique component of the project as the process utilizes an overhead crane on a track system that travels throughout the building to end at the indoor drive through loading area. This allows a truck to enter the site off of Johnson Street, drive into the building for loading/unloading, and exit the site on Porter Street.

“In order for the drive through to work, many moving parts of the project had to match up just right,” said Tom Moore, Vice President of Engineering. “The entire team was very responsive to questions and quickly came up with solutions to keep the project moving forward at a steady pace.”

Ferguson Perforating teamed up with DiPrete Engineering, who provided surveying and design services on the project. DiPrete obtained permits through the City of Providence, Narragansett Bay Commission, Providence Water, and RIDEM prior to providing construction level plans. Riggs and Gallagher Design Build collaborated with DiPrete on the site design. Because the site was mostly impervious, an underground drainage system was added and utilized for water quality and storm-water mitigation.

“It has been great working with Ferguson and it is exciting to be involved in the building of a facility that has created a number of new jobs for the City of Providence,” said Brandon Carr, Project Manager at DiPrete Engineering.

“We have been very successful when it comes to keeping manufacturing jobs here in Providence because our owner, Bruce Ferguson, has continued to invest significantly in the people, equipment, and facility,” said Bob. “We are looking forward to helping with Rhode Island’s continued success and growth in the workforce.”

To learn more about Ferguson Perforating and its job openings, visit: http://www.fergusonperf.com/