Executive Vice President Greg Guglielmo Featured in NEIT Tech News

By October 16, 2018 Engineering News

Architectural Grad Builds His Career from an Internship

Executive Vice President Greg Guglielmo, AICP, LEED AP (pictured left), graduated from New England Tech in 1992 with an Associate in Science degree in Architectural Drafting Technology. Through an internship from NEIT’s Career Services Office, Greg is proud to say that he has been with DiPrete Engineering for more than 25 years. Greg shares great words of advice.

What made you decide to attend New England Institute of Technology (NEIT)?

I knew NEIT would be a good start to my education after high school. My first tour of the Post Road campus in Warwick had me hooked. Also, I was fortunate enough to have been awarded scholarships to NEIT which afforded me the opportunity to continue my education at a reasonable cost. At the time I attended, NEIT only had an associate degree program in Architecture.


What did you do to get started with your career?

NEIT’s Career Services Office was instrumental in getting me started with my career. The staff provided me with three companies to send my resume to that were looking for NEIT grads. I sent my resume to all three employers and Dennis DiPrete, President of DiPrete Engineering, called the next day – 25+ years later and I still enjoy what I do!


What do you feel ultimately prepared you for your position?

I have had the opportunity to work on hundreds of projects and with many clients. The firm has given me the opportunity to complete virtually every task that is possible at a civil engineering firm – from field survey to engineering design to public presentations. This foundation was paramount. Ultimately, however, I believe it was the great mentors who prepared me for my position. Dennis DiPrete always made sure I knew the reason for doing something. We also have a great team, many of whom have been here longer than me, and have always been there to lend advice and assistance.


Do you have any advice for graduates who are just beginning their job search?

It’s a very exciting time to be looking to start a career. There are so many challenging and ever-evolving fields. My advice would be to keep an open mind. Students should research jobs that may be slightly different than their chosen degree but equally rewarding. I started out at NEIT thinking I would be an architect and ended up working for a civil engineering firm; tangential, but it still gave me the opportunity to utilize my degree. I would also suggest where possible that students strive to get an internship. It’s important to get that applied experience to go hand-in-hand with their studies.

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