Q&A with Jennifer Sweet, Billing and Accounts Payable Supervisor

By January 28, 2019 Engineering News
Jennifer Sweet

Jennifer Sweet,
Billing and Accounts Payable Supervisor

Q: Prior to joining DiPrete Engineering, what were you doing?

A: Before joining DiPrete Engineering I was employed at CVS Pharmacy. During my six years of employment, I gained customer service experience and started building my skills as a Photo Lab Supervisor and later a Shift Supervisor. I also attended classes part time at the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI).


Q: How has your role at DiPrete evolved over the years?

A: I was hired at DiPrete Engineering in 2005 as a receptionist and eventually started assisting the accounting department. When a full-time Accounting Clerk position became available, I knew it was a good opportunity for me, especially at such a great company. Since then my role has evolved into my current position as Billing and Accounts Payable Supervisor and helping set up new projects. In addition to my administrative and accounting tasks, over the years I have been a supporter of the company’s LEAN initiative to help with workplace organization and process improvements.


Q: How did you become interested in accounting and when did you know you wanted to make a career out of it?

A: In high school I did well in business-related classes and accounting was one of my favorites. At the time, I didn’t know I would make a career out of it but working in this field at DiPrete Engineering has helped me gain experience and realize what my strengths are. I currently have an Associate’s degree in Business and will continue to build upon it.


Q: Can you recall one of your proudest moments while working at DiPrete?

A: This September will be my fourteen-year anniversary working at DiPrete Engineering. I have had many proud moments over the years, but the most memorable ones are when I have improved a process or helped an employee or client with a question that was difficult to answer at first glance.


Q: How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

A: Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my friends, family, and boyfriend (and fur babies). We recently purchased a new home so most of my time is spent on renovations and organizing. I also enjoy traveling, listening to music, painting artwork, and finding new recipes to try.