Q&A with Mike Gavitt, PLS, Senior Survey Project Manager

Mike G

Mike Gavitt, PLS, Senior Survey Project Manager

Q: How long have you been with DiPrete Engineering and what led you to join the firm?

A: I started working at DiPrete Engineering the day after graduating from the University of Rhode Island (URI) in 1995. I had a few courses with Christopher Duhamel (Principal at DiPrete) while at school and he encouraged me to send in my resume. The firm was a lot smaller at the time and it’s amazing that many of the people who were working there then still are today.


Q: What does your role as Senior Survey Project Manager entail?

A: The majority of my time is spent interacting with the survey field crews, particularly with construction layout work that is being performed. I set up a lot of the calculations for the crews to utilize during the course of their work. We do a fair amount of work related to building projects that either the firm designed or assisting clients in building other projects. The remainder of my time is spent on more traditional land surveying work such as boundary surveys, condominium plans, FEMA elevation certificates, etc.


Q: What do you enjoy most about working at DiPrete?

A: Hands down, it’s the team environment. Collaboration and communication on projects are key at DiPrete and everyone brings different strengths and ideas to the table. As a firm, I think we do an excellent job of blending this experience together to create the best possible outcome for our clients. It’s quite an honor to be part of that.


Q: Have there been any obstacles you’ve had to overcome over the course of your career?

A: Sometimes the biggest challenge is finding a way to make everyone happy by holding projects to a strict timeline. Client service is such an important aspect of our work. Over the years I’ve found that being honest with a client is very valuable and almost always appreciated. Open communication is so important to the relationship.


Q: What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of work?

A: Getting outside and going hiking or backpacking is my go-to activity. Family trips are always great too. We went over to England for a week and half last summer and that was a lot of fun. I’m also actively involved with my son’s Boy Scout troop and attend most of their events.