Surveying Continues Through Severe Weather

Even with heavy snowfalls in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, DiPrete Engineering’s survey crews are out and working.


“While the snow cover definitely affects our efficiency and causes tasks to take a little longer, we continue to provide surveying services to our clients,” said Brian Timm, a Senior Project Manager at DiPrete Engineering and head of the Massachusetts office.

“Detailed topographic surveys are most affected by the snow, but, we are still able to perform other types of surveys such as boundary surveys, plot plans and construction layout services.”

Projects that are typically done with one- or two-man crews are now being performed with an additional crew member to increase productivity.

“Clients have been very understanding and accommodating by clearing areas critical to the survey,” said Timm. “They’ve also been willing to break tasks apart by performing only the necessary tasks now and delaying additional work until the snow and ice are gone.”

“Even with all of the snow, we have only had four days where we have not performed survey field work. On average, we are operating at full capacity and meeting our clients’ needs and expectations,” he added.