Meet Our Intern, Sean Bradley

By July 31, 2019 August 27th, 2019 Engineering News
Sean Bradley

Sean Bradley,
Civil Engineering Intern

As part of its internship program, DiPrete Engineering would like to introduce Sean Bradley, Civil Engineering Intern. An incoming senior at the University of Rhode Island, Sean is working towards his B.S. in civil and environmental engineering.

Sean began his internship with DiPrete in May 2017 after his first year of college. Since then, he’s taken on a number of tasks including OWTS designs, conducting field tests, and using AutoCAD.

“I’ve gotten excellent experience using AutoCAD at DiPrete, so a lot of my work involves drafting plans,” said Sean. “At first learning to harness the power of AutoCAD was an everyday struggle, but with the help of my coworkers I’ve been able to feel a lot more confident in using it. Now that I’m nearing the end of my schooling I’ve also been exposed to more design and engineering calculation tasks.”

Looking forward, Sean is interested in multiple career paths but has narrowed his search to rail/transit engineering or environmental engineering.

“Civil engineering is such a broad discipline and at DiPrete I’ve been exposed to so many different facets,” he added. “What I love most about engineering is the problem-solving process, so I’d like to be able to continue to apply those skills wherever I go.”

Sean grew up in Cumberland, RI, where he currently resides. Outside of work, he enjoys playing guitar, listening to music, hiking, kayaking, and spending time with his girlfriend. Sean also has a lifelong passion for railroads and trains and has spent time volunteering for the non-profit Old Colony and Newport Railway where he’s helped in operations and maintenance.