Celebrating National Engineers Week

By February 26, 2019 Engineering News

National Engineers Week highlights the good work done by engineers across the country and raises public awareness of engineers’ positive contributions to quality of life. In honor or National Engineers Week we asked some of our team members what they love most about engineering and why they chose their specific field. Here’s what we learned:

“I have always been drawn to environmental science because of my love of the outdoors and nature,” said Chris Sutter, Environmental Scientist. “Here at DiPrete I’m able to examine and study soils and wetlands frequently. We use the information I collect to determine a site’s suitability for a given land use.”

DiPrete Engineering Employees“I knew at an early age that I wanted to be an engineer,” said Joe Duhamel, Civil Engineer. “My Dad (Chris Duhamel, Principal) would take me to a lot of his project sites. We would walk around, I would ask a lot of questions and he would always give an answer.”

“Engineering allows me to work in more tangible ways – actually being able to see the work I put into something take shape in the physical world in a way that people get to interact with every day is pretty satisfying,” said Marianne Diffin, Civil Engineer.

“One of my proudest moments while working at DiPrete has been receiving Rhode Island Department of Environment Management approval for our commercial-scale solar arrays,” said Steve Kohm, Civil Engineer. “Having another professional review your work and agree with your design is always an awesome feeling.”

DiPrete would like to thank all of its talented and creative surveyors, engineers, and planners for all they do on daily basis.