MathCounts for Future Engineers


DiPrete Engineering is proud to participate in this year’s MathCounts competition, a middle school coaching and competitive mathematics program that supports the next generation of engineers.

The MathCounts competition consists of students from 28 local middle and junior high schools who compete in four rounds of math problem-solving questions to earn a spot at the Raytheon MathCounts National Competition in Washington, D.C.

Over the years, DiPrete has participated in the coordination and scoring of the competition.  In 2014, Eric Prive, Project Manager at DiPrete, traveled to Walt Disney World to handle the official scoring at the National Competition.

This year, Eric has taken on the role of Assistant State Coordinator for Rhode Island and will be proctoring the competition alongside DiPrete Vice President Chris Duhamel.

“MathCounts is a great way to get students excited about math and its related fields through friendly competition,” said Chris.

“By participating in MathCounts, we can show Rhode Island students that their current achievements can lead to a successful future in engineering,” added Eric. “It’s great to see the passion these kids hold toward math and its related fields and we are honored to be a part of this annual competition.”

To learn more about MathCounts and how you can participate, visit: