We deliver the highest-quality civil engineering, planning and surveying services to our clients throughout southeastern New England. We work directly with clients to encourage a more effective design and approval process and we use the latest available technologies to provide them with innovative, cost effective designs.

Land Planning Services

As land values increase and suitable land decreases, understanding the proper design and use of a parcel to maximize value is critical. We have a firm grasp in today’s development and design techniques, including sustainable design and re-purposing of existing development.

Land Surveying Services

Surveying is an integral piece of all development. Whether it be property line or topography, a skilled hand is necessary to compile the necessary data. We employ Professional Land Surveyors, Robotic Total Station technicians, GPS technicians, and an office staff to process the data.

Civil Engineering Services

Civil Engineering requires expertise in many specialties including site utility and drainage design, environmental issues, code interpretation, geo-technical, groundwater analysis, construction engineering, permitting, and public presentations.