Land planning is an integral part of the early design process. As land values increase and suitable land decreases, it is critical to maximize value and keep costs manageable. In order to be successful in today’s competitive world, places need to be inviting, creative, and innovative. We convey these principles to our clients, regulatory officials, and the public in comprehensive presentations and printed materials.

We work with our clients to develop “concept plans” early in the design process to identify the highest and best use, areas for development, zoning or regulatory hurdles, and engineering constraints. By providing upfront planning, we encourage a more efficient design process, saving time and money for our clients.

Our Services

  • Conceptual Site Planning– Analysis of site constraints, zoning issues, and other regulations to create an early vision for a project
  • Regulatory Site Review – Detailed review of city/town regulations that could affect development options
  • Density/Massing Studies – Establishing value early in the design process
  • LEED Certification – Identify sustainable solutions early in the process
  • Fiscal and Population Studies – Calculations of anticipated tax revenue and project population
  • Marketing Materials – Project brochures for sale and leasing purposes

Types of Planning

  • Retail – New construction and adaptive reuse driven by the balance of landlord/tenant needs
  • Mixed Use – Balancing a mix of uses driven by the way people live, work, and play
  • Office Parks – Single buildings to campus-style layouts designed to enhance the working experience
  • Institutional – College campuses, urban redevelopment, expansion, and single buildings
  • Multifamily – Duplex homes, apartment complexes, and condo-style developments
  • Traditional Neighborhood Development – A mix of housing types, walkable streets, public spaces, and small scale retail
  • Conservation Development – Residential subdivisions that seek to protect large tracts of open space

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