Brett Dellit’s Big Move

BrettIf you haven’t met Brett Dellit yet, just listen for the Australian accent! Brett joined DiPrete on May 26 as a project engineer and formerly worked in engineering on the Gold Coast. He has settled in Wakefield with his wife Marilyn and baby son Luca.

“Colleagues and friends pointed me in the direction of DiPrete,” said Brett, who moved to the U.S. in February. “I was very impressed with what I saw.”

Brett is an internationally chartered professional engineer on the APEC register, who previously worked for Northeast Engineers of Middletown.  Now, his focus it to re-acclimate himself on regulations.

“The overall concepts remain the same,” he said, “but there are changes in storm water reporting, for example.

With guidance from Eric Prive, Brett “hopes to establish a long and fruitful career at DiPrete Engineering.”