Happy National Boss’s Day, Dennis DiPrete

By October 22, 2018 Engineering News


In honor of this month’s National Boss’s Day, DiPrete Engineering would like to extend a big thank you to our Founder and President, Dennis DiPrete.

Dennis founded DiPrete Engineering in 1988 with the goal to create an engineering firm whose focus then and now was to minimize risk, minimize cost, and maximize the return for its clients. He has always strived for a culture that allows a healthy work-life balance and encourages growth of team members through continued education and training. In 2017, the firm won PBN’s Best Places to Work, speaking volumes about the company’s principles and philosophy.

As President, Dennis leads the firm’s major initiatives including client service, reducing costs through standardization of processes, the use of Lean techniques, and the overall growth of the firm.

While we can’t thank Dennis enough for all of his hard work and dedication to the growth of our team members and to the firm as a whole, here is some well-deserved praise and appreciation:

“Dennis is a very genuine person. He really cares about the wellbeing of the people that work for him. He is always very open to any idea that would improve the life of his employees. He emphasizes that we are a team and his success is our success.” Sheelagh Brady, Credit and Collections Manager

“I have known Dennis for over 20 years and have worked for him for nearly three of those. Dennis is not only a brilliant engineer and businessman, but he is a truly compassionate and caring person. There is nothing fake about Dennis, as he is just a genuine person that really listens to people and takes what they have to say seriously. Dennis always looks out for everyone’s best interest, really cares about the people that work for him, and finds the best solutions not only for projects but for people. My Dad was a Chief Engineer at RIDEM and I recall him mentioning many times what a great person and bright engineer Dennis is and how easy it was to communicate and review projects with him.” Jim Asprinio, Senior Project Engineer

“Dennis is a fantastic person to work for and with. He combines a vast knowledge of engineering and land development with the ability to mentor people on projects and make problem solving a clear process. Additionally, it is clear that he genuinely cares about his employees’ welfare both at work and home; this is reflected in the company’s ethics. I count myself as lucky to work for DiPrete Engineering.” Bob Babcock, Land Surveying Department Manager

“Dennis always shows a genuine interest in everyone’s career goals, putting in the time and effort to clear the way and provide an open road for us to succeed.”  Jakob Cruikshank, Civil Engineer

“Dennis has a different perspective on projects than I do and I enjoy the fact we can share our thoughts and come to a single conclusion. He is always an optimist and tries to solve issues rather than being afraid of them. Dennis likes a challenge and I enjoy working together to solve difficult issues.”  Joe Penney, Vice President of Development

“Personally, Dennis is a great boss because he offers employees great benefits and different activities throughout the year to keep us all engaged. He always asks how our families are and, in turn offers flexible working hours in order for us to tend to our family responsibilities. Professionally, Dennis is a great boss because he seeks win-win-win outcomes for his employees, our clients, and the regulators. Our partners respect Dennis, and, therefore our firm, to such an extent, it makes our job easier and encourages us to produce high quality work.” Kevin DeMers, Senior Project Engineer

As we celebrate 30 years of engineering excellence, we are grateful for our President who has helped make DiPrete Engineering the accomplished and successful civil engineering firm it is today. Thank you for all that you do, Dennis!