Happy National Engineers Week

By February 22, 2021 Engineering News

National Engineers Week celebrates engineers who make a difference in our world and raises public awareness of engineers’ positive contributions to our quality of life. It was founded in 1951 to ensure a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers.

In honor of National Engineers Week, we asked some of our engineering and survey team members what they enjoy most about working at DiPrete and why they chose their specific fields. Here’s what we learned:

“My love of civil engineering took time and grew from my mathematics aptitude in high school combined with my career assessment of ‘Environmental Analyst’ from my guidance counselor back then,” said Kevin DeMers, Project Manager. “When proceeding through college, I initially thought it was a career in structural design that I would pursue, then when interviewing at DE and reviewing the work product here, I realized this was a more creative line of work than I had anticipated, and eagerly proceeded with the civil/site design route.  What I most enjoy about my job now is twofold:  1. Working with the junior staff and seeing their development, and 2. Seeing projects completed on schedule, in conformance with regulations, and with a satisfied client.”

“I love the teamwork and collaboration that is required to make every design the best it can possibly be,” said Nick Kelling, Civil Engineer. “The best thing about being an engineer is that every day there’s a new puzzle that needs to be solved.”

“Collaboration and communication on projects are key at DiPrete and everyone brings different strengths and ideas to the table,” said Mike Gavitt, Senior Survey Project Manager. “As a firm, I think we do an excellent job of blending this experience together to create the best possible outcome for our clients. It’s quite an honor to be part of that.”

DiPrete would like to thank all of its talented and creative surveyors, engineers, and planners for all they do on daily basis. Happy National Engineers Week to all of those who contribute to the engineering industry.

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