Public Safety Facility in Sharon, MA Becomes Safer

By November 30, 2015 Engineering News


DiPrete is providing civil engineering support in design permitting and construction for a $24.75-million, public safety facility in Sharon, MA. The building – at the site of the current police station and shared with the DPW facility on South Main Street – will house both fire and police departments, with a shared lobby and 911 center.

DiPrete is working with Kaestle Boos Associates (KBA), Mitchell Associates, Building Engineering ResourcesMcMahon Associates and Universal Environmental Consulting to get the facility up and running.

“The existing buildings are old and cannot support the needs of modern public safety agencies,” said Todd Costa, Associate and Project Manager at KBA Architects. “There are worn roofs, outdated electrical systems, structural issues, and non-compliance with federal and state codes.”

The new facility will meet both local and federal codes, allowing for the improvement of emergency response.

“Permitting and design is all finished,” said Brian Timm, Senior Project Manager at DiPrete. “Construction just started over the past month.”

Molly Titus, Project Manager at DiPrete and Timm are working with Consigli Construction to assist with oversight during the construction process.

“It is a pleasure to be working with a General Contractor like Consigli Construction,” said Brian.  “We’re there for any unforeseen issues or to offer clarification throughout the construction process.”