Project Details:

Industry: Industrial/Energy
Location: Fall River, Massachusetts
Services: Site/Civil Engineering; Regulatory Permitting; Surveying

Millstone Medical Outsourcing, LLC has been in business since 2004 and provides the medical device industry with post-manufacturing services including: validation and engineering services, advanced mechanical inspection, ultrasonic cleaning and passivation, clean room packaging, non-sterile packaging and comprehensive warehousing.

The company is headquartered out of Commerce Park in Fall River, MA. Increasing demands have resulted in the need for a new 56,300 square foot freestanding building. The building will be located on the last vacant parcel in the Park which is adjacent to the existing facility.

The vision for the site was to create a campus feel by designing vehicular and pedestrian access between the existing headquarters and the new building. The site plan features a 48,000 square feet building footprint with an 8,300 square foot mezzanine, 5 loading docks, 99 parking spaces, motorcycle parking, bicycle racks, vehicle charging stations, abundant landscaping, and an outdoor patio area for employees.

DiPrete Engineering’s scope of work included ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey, land planning, site/civil engineering including stormwater management and utility design, and obtaining approvals through the Fall River Redevelopment Authority and Site Plan Review Committee.